Wix Blog Review: Should You Use Wix.com for Blogging?

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If you’re a blogging beginner contemplating on whether or not to choose Wix for hosting your website, here is an unbiased review of the Wix blog detailing its pros and cons. Based on my 6-month journey of using the Wix blog, I can share what it can and cannot do and whether you should use it or not.

My Wix Blogs


Before sharing the Wix Blog Review, let me put out a brief description of my Wix Blogs so that you can evaluate the review’s authenticity:

  • Non-Engineers: created 6 months ago, has 2M+ impressions on Google Discover and organically ranks #1 for multiple keywords.


Now I will tell you what Wix can and cannot do:



  1. Create a good-looking website: The templates offered by Wix are quite delightful to use. The formats, fonts and themes are pretty vibrant, so if you check out any Wix blog or website, by default it looks appealing.

  2. Remove the need to code: You don’t have to spend any amount of time learning how to code to operate a Wix blog/website. It is based on a drag and drop system, so quite easy to use.

  3. Improve reach: If you wish to make your content reach thousands of viewers, Wix is a great platform to use. Its AMP & Schema features help you appear on Google Discover, using which you can get a LOT of traffic in no time.

  4. Earn money: I activated AdSense on my first blog about a month ago and I also use Amazon Affiliate links on my website, earned about INR 2,500 in the first month with very little effort on my part.

  5. Learn SEO: Don’t listen to anyone who says you can’t learn SEO using Wix. One of my blogs is very SEO-friendly, so much so that in the last 28 days, it had 4k organic clicks and 35.7k discover clicks.


  1. Beat other websites on speed: Due to the templates, you can’t do a lot around the speed of your website. Now, speed happens to be an important ranking factor for Google (it’s a myth that it isn’t). So, you can’t do much about it.

  2. Perform advanced SEO: There are some features which are yet to be added to Wix, for example, a sitelinks searchbox on Google. You cannot do a lot about your structured data on Wix. But, this part comes too far in the journey. You can surely do the basic SEO of your Wix blog.

Wix or Others?


So, how can you choose whether to go for Wix or not? 3 Steps.


STEP 1 – Identify your Internal Motive

No one blogs without a purpose. You need to identify your internal reason behind blogging because it’ll help you define your blogging goals. If you’re not quite sure what that means, refer to this post.


STEP 2 – Paid or Free

Once you are clear on your internal motive, you will have to choose whether or not you need a paid host & domain. This choice can be fairly difficult to make at times, so read this before you make the payment.


Now, if you feel that you need not purchase a domain name, then I would suggest you go for WordPress. Its free version will suit your needs the best. But, if you decide to purchase a domain name, then continue to the next step.

STEP 3 – Wix or Others

This choice depends on a variety of factors, but often it boils down to the financial comparison. You can see the comparison that I’ve carried out for Wix and WordPress over here – Wix or WordPress: Which web hosting service to choose as a blogging beginner?


Long story short, if you want to activate Google Analytics, AdSense and Search Console on your website for tracking and analyzing your website’s performance and for earning revenue through ad placements, then Wix is a pretty economical host.


But, if you are already good at blogging and you wish to set up an e-commerce platform or conduct business via your Wix blog or website, then go for WordPress.


Bottom Line


I’ve been in the place you are right now. About 6 months ago, I had to make the same choice. I went with Wix and I’m not regretting my decision because as a blogging beginner, it helped me learn a great deal by spending close to nothing.


Does that mean I will never use WordPress? I will. As your blogging experience improves and you get familiar with how things work around SEO, you should definitely try WordPress. But, if you don’t want too much on your plate while beginning, go for Wix.

Hope this post helps clarify whether or not you should choose Wix Blog as a Beginner. If you have any follow-ups which can help you make a better decision, don’t hesitate to reach out to me. I can share my Wix Blogging experience of the past 6 months and try to address your concerns.


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