Wix Blog Mobile View: How to Preview Before Publishing?

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One of the common issues with Wix is its inability to provide a preview of blog posts in the mobile mode. Wix offers an option to review a draft using the “Preview” button. But, that works only for the desktop view. This post shares a method to view the same draft on your mobile before you have published it.

Preview Draft on Mobile

Step 1: Click on Preview

After structuring your blog post, click on the “Preview” button on the top right corner of your blog editor (left to the Publish button). Upon clicking, you’ll get an option to open the post in a new tab like this:

Step 2 – Copy Wix Preview URL

Upon opening the post in a new tab, you need to copy the URL of the preview page – it will be a long URL:

 Step 3 – Shorten the URL

If you want to view the post yourself, then using the long URL can work. But, if you need to share it with someone else for a review (e.g. with a guest author), then shortening the URL will make it easy to use. You can use bitly.com or any other URL shortener for that purpose.

Step 4 – Share Link & View

You can share the link via any medium – WhatsApp, e-mail or even type it directly using your mobile. When you open the link, you will be able to see the mobile version of post:

Please Note:

  1. Anyone with this link can view the post before it has been published.

  2. If you’re already logged in to your website with some other account, you’ll see an error: “Something isn’t working… Refresh the page to try again“. In that case, you need to log out and refresh.

So, this is how you can get a Wix Preview on your mobile for your blog posts before publishing. This method helps to correct alignment errors and improve the quality of your blog posts.

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