Why I Removed the Wix Live Chat from my Blog?

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Recently, I removed the ‘Live Chat on Wix‘ feature from my blog Non-Engineers and through this post, I’d like to share its review and the reason why I finally decided to delete the chat option from my Wix blog. I’m sure it would benefit the other Wix bloggers who currently have this feature activated.

Wix Live Chat Problems

The biggest issue I encountered with the Wix Chat was the time it took to load on the website. Let me share a screenshot of how my page loaded on Mobile:

Wix Chat: Last to Load

As you can see, the last element to be visible on the page was the Wix Live Chat. And it appeared a couple of seconds after the rest of the web page had loaded.

This was causing major issues with my home page. For example, when a user visited the home page and scrolled to check out the blog, he/she was taken back to the top after a couple of seconds. This happened due to the elements which took time to load, of which, the Wix Chat App was definitely one.

Secondary Issue

Another issue was the user interface that I had to use to reply to the messages captured via the Wix Chat. Either I had to login to my Dashboard or use the Wix App to respond through it.

Initially, it was okay to use. But, the more traffic on your website, the slower the Wix App becomes. And since the most convenient method to reply is using mobile, I was left with no other option but to accept messages via social media handles of my blog.

And honestly, the latter was so convenient. I could revert to hundreds of messages a day seamlessly.


Slowly, I started realizing that more and more messages were being left unattended in the Chat Inbox whereas the social media messages had increased the overall engagement of the blog.


So, finally, I decided to do away with the Wix Chat.


Deleting the Wix Chat


If you are also a Wix Blogger and you have the Wix Chat option enabled on your website or blog, I would suggest you to get rid of it and use the alternatives suggested ahead.


To delete the Wix Chat:

  • Click on the app in Editor.

  • Press the delete button.

  • The app will be removed.



The best alternatives I’ve found are:

  • Use your e-mail.

  • Connect social media.

  • Create a contact form (but this comes with the same issue of user interface – so keep it only for important leads or in the initial stage of your blogging journey).

So, this is all I wished to share about the Wix Live Chat app and how you can improve the performance of your Wix Website or Blog by not using it. Hope it helps you make the right choice.


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