The Actual Wix Domain Renewal Cost in USA 2024

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When I wrote a post on the Wix Pricing in USA, there was a huge organic search that followed. That showed me how many potential Wix bloggers exist in USA. In that post, I had shared the total cost of getting Wix in the first year which included – Domain Cost (free) and Host Plan Cost (Rs. 348).


I also mentioned that repurchasing a Wix domain or renewing it in the second year would not be free. So, in this post I am going to share how much it cost me to renew the domain and how you can take the decision of extending your domain name too.

Wix Domain Renewal Price


When you decide to renew your domain name, Wix will offer you the following options:

  • 1 year extension – Rs. 897 per year

  • 2 years extension – Rs. 837 per year

  • 3 years extension – Rs. 777 per year


Depending on the option you choose, you will be taken to the billing cart where you’ll be required to make the payment using credit card/debit card.


Now, a genuine query that may arise is: “If you have a couple of months left for your domain registration to expire, will the renewal be considered from the month of payment?”


The answer is no. This means that if you purchased your domain name for the first time in Dec 2021 and you’re renewing it in, let’s say, Aug 2021, then the extension will be considered from Dec 2021 to Dec 2022 in case of one year domain renewal.


Why Wix Charges for Renewal?


Technically, the domain was never free. In the first year of purchase, you must have used a Free Domain Voucher to get the domain for free. This is an introductory offer by Wix.


So, the domain registration cost from the second year onward will be this:

  • 1 year: Rs. 897

  • 2 years: Rs. 1,674

  • 3 years: Rs. 2,331


Are Additional Taxes to be Paid?


Apart from the above mentioned amount, you don’t have to pay anything else to renew your domain name. To give you a proof, here’s my billing amount:


Notice that the earlier payment for the domain was zero because of the Free Domain Voucher.


Want to Extend >3 Years?


Currently Wix doesn’t give additional discount for further extension. So, you’ll have to extend your domain name twice in that case (for extension up to 6 years). In the first transaction, the domain will get extended for 3 years for Rs. 2,331 and in the second transaction, depending on how many years of extension you want further, you’ll be charged the same amount as mentioned above for 1/2/3 years.


So, the total cost would then be:

  • 4 years: Rs. 2,331 + Rs. 897

  • 5 years: Rs. 2,331 + Rs. 1,674

  • 6 years: Rs. 2,331 + Rs. 2,331


and similarly if you want further extensions.


How to Decide Which One?


I was recently in that dilemma so I can probably help you out there. I made my decision on the basis of whether I’d want to continue my blogging in the longer term or not.


One of the reasons you should buy Wix over WordPress is that it lets you experiment with all aspects of blogging for just Rs. 348 in the first year. You can even recover that cost in advertisement. I have earned over Rs. 3,500 in advertising revenue itself to recover all the possible costs and still keep some.


So, after experimenting with Wix for one year, you can then decide if you see consistent organic growth and if you’d like to keep it permanent, in that case purchasing the domain name for 3 years would be advisable. From SEO point of view, having more months to domain expiry works in your favour.

These were my two cents on Wix Renewal Cost of Domains in USA. Soon, I’d also repurchase the Hosting Plan and will then share what that cost. Hope this helps,


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