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Radhi Devlukia is a food person!

I think that intro fits her the best though it doesn’t encapsulate all the amazinnggg things she does – she’s a food enthusiast, a spiritual coach (though she wouldn’t admit this but check out her Monday Resets and Feel Good Feature Fridays and then we’ll talk), an Ayurveda practitioner and a beautiful carefree soul who shares plant-based recipes and pearls of wisdom on conscious cooking.


Okay, by now you might have guessed that I’m a big fan and an admirer of her, but, but, but – more importantly, I recently found out that Radhi has a Wix Blog!! 😍

For those who’re reading this blog for the first time, I’m a Wix blogger too and it’s been a 10 month blogging journey so far, but to see that your idol also has a website hosted on Wix, that gave me the inspiration to share about her website and why I adore it so much.

A Real Life Wix Website!

You don’t see a lot of famous people using Wix for their websites and Radhi being one of them gives us the inspiration to try it out, especially given that it offers a lot of cool features (shared ahead).

Radhi’s Logo

The first thing I noticed when I checked out her website was the logo – it’s her name written in cursive letters with a cute little heart to top-up the ‘i’ in her name:


The best part about the logo placement in the header was that it was a clickable logo – which is an essential element to keep in mind when you design a website.

The Home Page

Any website’s homepage must have all these critical elements:

  • The Header Menu

  • Blog Categories

  • Posts’ Preview

  • Social Media Links

  • Authenticity Pages

  • Footer With Links

And no points for guessing that Radhi’s website checks all these points. She has a beautifully crafted home page with all the internal linking in place.

Home Page: radhidevlukia.co

Authenticity Pages

Radhi’sAbout Mesection is the best representation of her nature. She has kept her liveliness alive in her introduction and that coupled with her “Let Me Bug You” on the contact page just makes you feel the cute and vibrant essence of her website.

Conatct Page: radhidevlukia.co/contact

The only point of improvement I saw here was that the menu bar could be added to the header of the blog itself so that one doesn’t have to scroll down to the bottom of the website to navigate.

Blog Design

Radhi’s Blog looks extremely beautiful. That’s probably one of the advantages of using a Wix Website to create a blog – it lets you make the appearance of the blog extremely creative, especially if you have something visually appealing to add to it, e.g. recipes, clothing designs, ornaments, etc. Websites with visually attractive blog covers can improve the click through rate when featured on Google Discover.

Recipes Page: radhidevlukia.co/all-recipes

Blog Posts

Radhi’s blog posts don’t follow a set pattern. So, those are not dynamic pages, she invests her time and her true self into writing the posts with her little tweaks and emoticons here and there. Her writing style is simple to understand and quite comforting.

Most of her blog posts are 2-3 minutes long with detailed recipes and processes elaborated. She also makes use of high-quality images in her posts and Wix does a good job at compressing their size automatically.

Website Design


The overall colour scheme of the website matches Radhi’s aura. It is pure gold and an inspiration for aspiring bloggers to glance through. You must also check out her PageSpeed Insights Test results. I was impressed by the fact that for a Wix Website, her blog runs pretty smooth and is quite fast.

PageSpeed Insights Test: radhidevlukia.co

Earlier, her blog posts were not available on the home page but now the 3 latest posts appear on the home page making it more inviting for the viewers. She has also kept the number of views and likes visible for her audience to see, which is how I like to keep it too 😊

All-in-all, I’d give an 11/10 to the website, an extra point because it belongs to Radhi. The website can give you tonnes of ideas as a budding blogger, I’m taking at least 5 ideas home after checking out her website. You should try it out too! Happy blogging!

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