Is There A Wix Page Limit For Bloggers?

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You heard from someone that there’s a Wix Page Limit of 100 static pages and freaked out, right? How can a website building platform like Wix place a limit on the number of pages you can create. When I found out about this, my first instinct was to Google “Wix Page Limit” only to find this:

Wix Page Limit @ Official Wix Website

I couldn’t believe that the official website was claiming that there’s a cap on the number of pages only to find out later what a misconception it could create for the aspiring bloggers who are exploring the option to choose Wix as their website builder.


Wix More Than 100 Pages


This is absolutely possible. If you don’t believe me, here is a screenshot of the number of URLs on two of my blogs, both being greater than 100:

Check the number of URLs

So, then what does “Wix 100 Page Limit” actually mean?


It refers to 100 different customized pages or static pages that you manually amend for your Wix website. These pages don’t include the types mentioned below.


Wix Multi Page Site


The following types of pages have no limit on them and you can create as many of them as you want for your Wix website without having to worry:

  1. Blog Posts – Both my blogs have several pages owing to the posts that have been created using the Blog Manager. Even though these posts get an individual URL attached to them, they don’t account for in the 100 static pages mentioned by Wix.

  2. E-Commerce Product Pages – You can have an unlimited number of product pages on your Wix E-Commerce platform. They don’t get accounted in the Wix 100 Page Limit.

  3. Website Members – When a member signs up on your website to receive updates and notifications, a unique page gets created for his/her profile. These pages also don’t get accounted.

  4. Gallery – You can add any number of photos or videos to your gallery as long as the gallery occupies a single URL, it won’t account for multiple static pages.

  5. Dynamic Pages – Wix also provides an option to set a standard format for all your pages of a similar kind and alter them from the Dynamic interface, these pages are called Dynamic Pages.

So, these are all the ways in which you can overcome the limitation of a Wix Page Limit of 100 static pages.

Why Wix Has a Page Limit?


When the number of customized pages on any website start increasing, it negatively impacts the loading speed and the user ease. Loading different fonts, formats takes time which adversely impacts the SEO efforts of your website, leading to higher bounce rate.


As a blogger, you must make use of the Blog available on Wix and add it to the website. This way you can create unlimited posts with Wix. Apart from the Blog, the number of pages on your website shouldn’t be more than 25-30.


Hope this helps you unlock your blogging potential with Wix.

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